5 lbs Colombian Medellin Supremo Coffee Beans

80.00 Ounces

Supremo Screen Size Coffee Beans...Excellent Flavor!

Fresh Roasted in the Morning, Shipped in the Afternoon.

Pure Supremo coffee beans...the freshest, current crops and guaranteed quality.

Use an air tight container to store your beans once they arrive for maximum freshness.

 Creamy Dark chocolate, mild cherry...great taste, smooth body, a delicious cup of coffee any time of the day and a great mood lifter too!

As one of the finest premium Colombian coffees, Medellin Supremo coffee is known to be full or medium in body with a rich, sweet taste and complex acidity.

A very well-balanced coffee, Supremo is also known for its pleasant aroma. Coffee connoisseurs note that Colombian Supremo coffee is bright enough to enjoy in the morning  as a Medium Roast while also rich enough to serve in the evening as a Dark Roast, rich and fulfilling.

Medellin Supremo coffee is comparable to Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee though with a higher level of acidity. Medellin Coffee is one of the principal Milds.

The Colombian Medellin Supremo coffee is often described as “Sauve” or soft. It is delicately sweet in the cup, with a light, aromatic body. Only the top grades have a low-toned acidity which makes it a perfect all day coffee.

Comments: This is probably the best-known Colombian coffee thanks to its particularly sweet taste. Its name derives from the bean size. Local connoisseurs call it “mild”. It is easily digestible, with its light and delicate taste, its medium acidity, and slightly nutty taste. 


Use: Its mellow aroma makes it ideal for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break

 Recommended Roasting: Best at Full City to Full French and also makes a dynamite espresso too!